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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
CO2 doesn't have an impact on global warming though.

not saying that other pollution is good. But there is no concrete evidence that CO2 promotes global warming. As wel I dont see how there can be a price tag on CO2 emission.

So I guess schools are teaching us liberal hoax crap is that it?

Sunlight hits the earth during the day
At night that energy is released back into space through infrared waves
CO2 and other greenhouse, let me emphasize, greenhouse, gases absorb the infrared
This heats shit up

More green house gases the more infrared is absorbed.

Price tag on greenhouse gases on CO2 emissions, OK STOP are you ****ing trolling me now? like did you read this thread or just post blindly. Information on this is provided throughout this thread in a number of links and references.

Lazy bastard.....

Are we now debating whether global warming even exists now?
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