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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Good. Let Europe block our oil trade. Will just sell more of it to China. Hell China would build the pipeline from Alberta over the bearing straight, right into its front door if we told them it's okay with us.

What we need to do is get Canada wealthy like the UAE.

This whole "trade sanctions" is total bull shit when we have the oil and the money... oh and the uranium, gold, copper, nickel, etc. Europes got nothing to trade with us anyway, except for a few shitty beers.

On another note why are we paying so much for gas when we have a sea of oil????? wtf
Canada is wealthy....we are like 5-6 behind UAE in GDPppp. Its not wealth that's the issue its the distribution of it. That is why I laugh when people think that 14 billion comes from the government directly, when in fact it comes indirectly from polluting corporations who are taxed under the accord.

Another country and region always has something to trade with us, comparative advantage, econ 101.

We are paying so much for gas because the insane profits go directly to corporations, who can choose to reinvest into their company and expand create more jobs - all good stuff - or they can give themselves bigger paychecks, bonuses and on top of that find ways to cut jobs because investors love a bigger and bigger profit increase.

Now Venezuela relatively recently nationalized its oil corporations and the benefits reaped have already shown. Cheaper gas, job stability in industry, all that good stuff. But hey nationalizing a corporations made up of individuals violates a corporations legal status as a individual under WTO and local statue laws.
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