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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
As much as I love my E46 as a smooth comfy quiet daily, theres no way in hell I'd take that over the '02 for an event like this. Rollcage and hard suspension be damned! Common dude!!! E30 all the way! Just jack the coils up, shocks set on soft, bring a crap set of wheels to roll on for highway useage and ball it up in masking tape if it makes you fret that much!

Lets see if this event even pans out lol. It will only be announced officially near or after the 2012 event is finished...
Are you talking about showing your car at the event? I thought it would just be show up and look at sweet cars sort of thing. If I was showing a car, then yeah I'd want to bring something boss.

... and who says my DD in a couple years won't be a sweet vintage ride? I've been wanting to get into an E21...
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