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Originally Posted by InfiniteDice View Post
Okay I drove to the store and if I mash the pedal down fast I can lock up the front tires. I just don't like how it has crappy light pressure response. I get light response about 1/2 way down then it starts actually doing something.

Grrr. might just pony up some dough and get that larger master from the 7 series. Anyone here using that with an e30 ATE booster?
I'd say the best thing is gravity bleed the brake system first. then proceed with bleeding through the pedal. it's hard to determine why they get half peddle or late pedal response. It can be a number of things. If sufficient vacuum is available and there are no audible leaks then you should be getting a good pedal providing there is absolutely no air in the lines. I just did my cabrio because the pedal was hard and braking was delayed. I changed the booster, master, seal and bleed the system completely. I have lock up happening at half pedal. I used used parts since I had them lying around. the brakes work fine now. But it doesn't respond like my coupe.

I would keep bleeding the brake system. you may still have air. did you bench bleed the master? I wonder if air can be trapped in the ABS pump?

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