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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Well it's a shame you come in at this point after the discussion has been side track to try and bring up new points and mix the conversation up. The track we were on is that TOUGH on CRIME does not work and that people that commit these hard crimes have psychological and DEEP routed issues that being put in a prison system does not fix.

Blackedout is a simpleton/moron/whatever because he'd prefer that someone who commits a crime be put in prison, serve X years and be re-released into society so the cycle continues, rather than solve the problem.

So the answer is yes. If your opinion is "if someone commits a crime they should be put to death" then you are a moron and a simpleton if you think that will solve our problems.

so your stance is we should spend millions upon millions upon millions of dollars on "rehabilitation facilities" so they can sing kumbaya, eat a proper diet, speak with professional physchiatrists and Find out the reason why they raped and killed your 10 year old daughter. Rehabilitate him with therapy through meditation practice, anger management programs and all other unorthodox type of therapies.

THEN.... Once rehabilitated and "fit" for society, release him back into the public where NOONE would hire him (as per you), hope to god that the rehabilitation worked and he wasnt just "faking" it. hope he doesnt "snap"
and put him on social assistance because he cant find work...

No sirex you are the F***'n retard.

obviously you have never been the victim of crime, knock on wood neither have I other then petty theft.
our justice system is way to flawed and we hand out such light sentences its not even funny.

Karma Halmolca the one who killed her sister with Paul bernardo, and watched Paul rape and murder another girl and repeatadly knew of his rapings. who did absolutly nothing about them is free today. eligible for pardon later in 2012 (little fun fact for you sirex 99.9999999 percent of people who apply for pardons get them) she can come to canada, change her name, open a day care centre and take care of your children with out you knowing..

anyone who doesnt want "tough on crime" has never been a victim. plain and simple.
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