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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
Don't forgot to quote Statistics Canada or some other form such as Fox News to back up your findings calegrant. They might think your a moron

What then do you base your "knowledge" on then? and btw a primary source site like and a media corporation like fox who has been repeatedly UN-legitimatized is pathetic comparison.

So what do you base your position on? what information? from where? if you cannot trust UN studies and government stats which they use for public policies (hence why the other side are saying it doesn't work) from then I am guessing personal experience is what you base yours on?

Personal experience. Do I have to really argue the stupidity of arguing from this standpoint?

Maybe not this. Maybe you believe you think logically and deduce that if you came to the initial conclusion then you are right and everyone is wrong no matter what. So you spend your time UN-ligitimizing peoples sources by comparing them to smut like Fox, which as outlined comparing data and a news corporation is pathetic from the core.

Finally. Not citing sources in which you base your position is fundamentally moronic. Think I can go write a paper and give it to my professor not cited? He'd think I am moronic, and anyone who presents a position and is asked to present reasoning with sources and who repeatedly ignores that request is a simple minded prick that thinks blindly they are right.

So you say tougher crime works. Fine. Someone here showed that it does work, Singapore, where they also had SOCIAL programs in place. Did I mention that the part of the tougher crime that did work was the fricken death penalty for soft drugs?

Nevertheless, it is valid....the main issue is social programs vs. more prison. It works for Singapore and if you truly believe it is the tougher crime part that is the effective aspect than lets adapt it to our culture. Oh wait do we need to? nope because our neighbor to the south has is it in some states and studies done there show capital punishment is not effective.

Anyway the issues seem to be thus:

1.Tougher penalties for drug crimes works. However a plethora of sources have been posted that disagree completely, world wide. Only contrary source to this is Singapore which again I will stress has social programs as well as tougher penalties to stop drug crime. Up for debate on which is truly the more effective, but looking at the sources I mentioned, you would come to the conclusion that it is the social programs.

2.Tougher penalties for serious crimes works. Again same studies show that social programs work more effectively by far than tougher penalties. If you want to argue that the current penalties are not strict enough then thats fine. But to again argue that they will prevent future crimes is wrong.

Spending money to reduce serious crimes and drugs has been overwhelmingly proven to be most effective in social programs, such as education and the likes. Spending money for more prisons and for more people to stay longer in prisons simply removes an obstacle from society longer rather than overcoming it. So money is spent on prisons, however problem of continual creation of more criminals remains.

Does a rapist deserve *X* number of years in prison, up for us to decide.
Does a rapist deserve *X* more number of years in prison to prevent other rapist crimes, fundamentally flawed mentality.

Again reading this thread is funnyy, no one comes here to change their opinion (generally speaking). They come to present theres and if need be defend it, when incapable of defending it they resort to character assassinations and source butchering (ie. comparing .gov sources to fox, again so stupid lol).

Take comfort if you believe more spending on social programs is more effective in dealing with crimes than tougher penalties. This thread has sources to defend that position, and they are not FOX news sources or what some politician claims. They are government sources, independent studies done by a plethora of institutions (like the UN) and all the opposition has done was ignore requests for similar sources. Hell I'll take any source right now just to see if they even have an academic ethic towards the pursuit of knowledge.

I wonder if those idiots would of tasted bitter and metallic to their mothers if they were swallowed and not born
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