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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
No, I mentioned keeping the debate over stiffer sentences in Canada in Canada because you cannot debate Canada's rehab and sentencing guidelines by using US pot laws as an example.

As for your name calling, this must come to an end, why you feel free to so openly use such foul language towards another member is beyond me.

I ask to keep the comparables in Canada and I am a blank blank blank, that will no longer happen!
it turns into a name calling competition because that's exactly what you wanted from the get go. Look at every single post you have made in this entire thread, it has been nothing more than flame bait/troll bait the entire time.

And then when we do call you out for being what you are, a moron, you come back and say we should watch out toungue.

You haven't contributed a single sentence to this entire thread worthy of really reading. At least Congregant, (w/e his name is) came late to the thread and wrote something that made sense and DEFENDED His stance and position; which by the way is not too far off from what we've been talking about.

all you've done is talk about how you feel and how its good the laws are tougher.. Great thanks for the ****ing circle jerk. you really contributed a shit ton thanks.

you want to be a retard, then be one. We will just treat you like one.

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