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Brakes are giving me the breaks.

Seriously I'm no newbie to thins crap but I'm not having any luck.


I swapped out my master for another good master I had figuring it might solve my recently softer than usual pedal feel.

Didn't change anything.

So I figured hey... it must be a seal the booster then. So I changed my ATE booster out with the shinier Girling one I had sitting on a shelf for a few years.

So after all the BS of swapping it out... I go to bleed the right rear and get my GF to pump it up then hold... I loosen the bleeder and drop.... .... .... drop.. ... . So it's not holding pressure, I even pulled the bleed screw right out.

Now I'm wondering if the Girling booster is compatible with the ATE master I'm using.

Tomorrow I'm going to try all over again swapping to another ATE booster I found, I know it works but it's not as pretty as the Girling.

Another question... the valve on the booster to throttlebody hose, is that supposed to let air into the throttle body? or let air from the throttle body into the booster?

Thanks guys. It must be something simple. And yes I have a new seal between the master and the booster.

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