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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
OH shit bitches. And the awesome thing is that they will build more prisons but provinces will be need to foot the bill.

AWESOME. Crime rates are down, so lets make more prisons and make the laws tougher. which raises another question, tough on crime doesn't solve crime. We need to help people get rehabiliated so they aren't repeat offenders and so that people dont get to the point of becoming offenders in the first place.
that would be terrific!!!

You guys must be dreaming if you think these criminals serve their sentence and get out and have unlimited freedoms or some shit and go back to the way it was before having comited any crimes.

No dude, you beat someone up, you steal shit, you murder someone, your life is ruined. You come out of jail you're working for cash as a labourer. No one is going to hire you ever. Thats a fact. Unless you do a complete 360 and really change as a person, you're ****ed.
oh.... so when the government seems this person fit and releases this person back into society... what are this persons other choices then getting back into crime. social assistance? which costs soo much more then actually babysitting this criminals in prison.

you commit a serious offense murder,rape,pedophile shit, stuff like that. they should not let back into society. no matter what the circumstance..
you said so your self sirex that youd like for these people to be "REHABILITATED" but for what if there life is so screwed up they cant get a job leave the country or do shit?
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