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LOL you must be joking if you think you'll ever be in a meeting with a prior killer. Once you commit a crime, a serious crime, or even a not so serious crime, your chance of ever getting a job at a reputable company is flushed down the toilet.

You guys must be dreaming if you think these criminals serve their sentence and get out and have unlimited freedoms or some shit and go back to the way it was before having comited any crimes.

No dude, you beat someone up, you steal shit, you murder someone, your life is ruined. You come out of jail you're working for cash as a labourer. No one is going to hire you ever. Thats a fact. Unless you do a complete 360 and really change as a person, you're ****ed.

And if you do do a 360 and change completly I salute you and I would be happy to sit next to you at a meeting.

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