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e36 Iced Door Locks

I have heated door locks but it appears that they activate only if
1) You pull handle for 5 seconds
2) The car is locked to begin with.

However, if you unlock your car and drive it for 30 minutes in the cold weather, it could re-freeze the lock. When you try to lock your car, you're screwed since the conditions for turning on the heater cannot be fulfilled (door must be locked to begin wtih).

so the only way I can think of locking the car is to open one of the passenger doors, push the driver door lock down, push down the passenger's door lock and then close the door.

Any other ideas?

Also - my door windows/window seals are making terrible crackling noises from the ice freezing to it all. Any ideas on how to keep ice from getting such a strong grip on my seal/window interface?
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