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Business Review: EE Auto Detailing Inc.

I brought them my 2008 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LT today, showed up almost half an hour late but that didn't seem to bother them. Felix and his staff greeted me and sat me down and went over the details of what services would be carried out (I originally only wanted undercoating ($60), but for $140 I had undercoating, full rust proof, and a detail done and could not complain about the price for all that work.). About 2 hours had passed but I was pretty occupied with Netflix and Gran Turismo 5 (Time Trail: Ferrari F40 =D) so it didn't seem long at all. Upon leaving the shop, I discovered that my windshield was dirty which made vision a little blurry (oncoming headlights) and addressed this to Felix over the phone. He was pretty adamant about making sure I did not leave dis-satisfied and asked me to come back to have staff correct the problem. I was already on the highway and told him it wasn't really a big deal and that I would wipe it down when I got home. He sent me a text a shortly after offering to give my SUV a wax/polish job on the house on my next visit.

Service: 4/5
Efficiency: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Customer Care: 5/5

Overall was a very good experience, was worth the travel and will definitely return in the future. I will be back within a couple weeks to have a couple more cars rust proofed (and of course take up on Felix's offer for the wax job haha). Will let you guys know how that goes.

Without a doubt would recommend EE Auto Detailing to anyone who is looking to get their vehicle read for winter to check them out. I was very surprised to hear that not many of the forum members have taken advantages of the promotional pricing.
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