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Originally Posted by Dado 540 View Post
Bimmex in woodbridge is pretty good. They Definitely know what they are doing and a good atmosphere while you are there unlike some shops.
What's the deal with Bimmex/Europa? Before I did alot of 'homework' on the forum, I took my 540 to them (Markham location) for an Inspection II (which went fine) then when I searched for some feedback on the forum there was all this drama a couple years ago involving the owner or somesuch, can't recall all the details.

Anyways, I'd endorse them as well, just seems they didn't have a great rep with this community at one point or another, which is a bit of a turn off. The other shops represented seemed to have a steller rep.

Also, I saved about $200-250 off Inspection II by doing the spark plugs/filters by myself. I told them in advance and they were like 'No problem'. I think I paid around $600 for the service, although my total bill was ~$1100 because I flushed the coolant, brakes, and replaced the thermostat.

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