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Originally Posted by E30M42cab View Post
Nicest thing anyone's said to me in a while.
Haha, you know I'm playin'! Just lettin this fourom [forum] kno!

Anyways, I was working on it again today, and got most of the M50 back together. I just wish I have access to hardcore cleaning solutions. I don't really care what the engine looks like that this point, I just need a car on the road, then I can get all crazy with the optional work.

Question: one oil filter housing is from the E36 M50TU (left) and one is from the E34 M50 NV (right). The VANOS one has a broken power steering bolt in it, while the other doesn't. They're the same part # on RealOEM, but they look different. (especially the VANOS one on the left has that valve at the bottom)

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just letting this furom [*forum] know

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