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Originally Posted by Mystikal View Post
Longer jail sentences and other "negative reinforcement" measures do not reduce crime. This is proven all around the world. It's simple people (and simple governments) pushing for this, and all the data in the world indicates that it's flat out wrong.

Positive reinforcement through rehabilitation is the only thing that statistically helps. It does not affect first-time offenders, but those who complete such programs are much healthier, mentally, and are significantly less likely to repeat an offense. Longer or harsher sentences only further alienate already-wonky people and cause them to re-enter a society that they both do not understand and does not want them around. Instant formula for another conviction.

Either way, Canada should hold no interest in these matters. Crime is extremely low, which is shocking despite the social issues going on. They need to focus on these social problems rather than constantly beefing up laws and adding to the police force. People are poor, have no jobs, are losing services everywhere, and soon no one will be able to afford daycare. Focus on the problem and don't slap a gratuitous band-aid on the one statistic (low crime) we have going for us, Canada.
well said, i wish more people saw it that way and understood it.
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