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About Window Tinting (Some Basic Knowledge)

Hello guys,

I'm writing this post to answer some of the questions you might have regarding to window tinting.
(and obviously to advertise my tinting service, too, lol)

Feel free to ask me any question you have, I will try to reply asap.
If you have any comment, post it too!!

This article will be in Q&A format.

Why do people get window tinting for their cars?
- reject 99% of UV light
- film will absorb about 30%-60% heat, therefore keeping the interior cooler
- privacy: darker window, it's difficult to see through what's inside
- the look: personally, I think cars look better with darker windows, especially for bimmers

What are some types of Tinting Films?
- Tinting films come in different shades, the smaller the percentage, the darker shade it is. For example: 15% is darker than 35%
- films come in Non-metallic, metallic, and ceramic. Ceramic is the most expensive type, and better performance. Metallic is a little bit reflective if you see from outside, which I really like personally. Some people say metallic interferes with signal, true, but unless you tint the ENTIRE car, including front windshield, it won't affect anything really....

Legal issue regarding to tinting
- Front windshield should be transparent
- Front side windows: darkest is about 35% (not exact)

What brand should I choose?
- popluar brands include: Llumar, SolarGuard, 3M, etc.
- My shop carries Llumar, simply because IT IS the best film for window tinting (you can do some research online, it's well known). I have done Solar Guard previously, but the film is not really adhesive, easy to have bubble compare to LLUMAR

Can I tint my front windshield?
- as mentioned above, front windshield should be transparent. BUT, LLumar has a serie called AirBlue, which is designed for windshield, kinda expensive, but it's beautiful, and strong. block away UV, reduce glare, and about 50% heat. light blue in color, but once it's on, you can't tell if it's tinted or not.

What else matters when considering getting my windows tinted?
- trust me, you cannot do it yourself, unless you are professional....
- The person who does the tinting reall really matters!!! must be experienced, detail oriented, and cares about your car!
- the partner I have for window tinting has over 10 yr experience, and he does side jobs for dealership as well.

If after reading this, you decided to get your car tinted, AND you would like to do it at my shop(thank you very much), please feel free to call me at 905-201-1116 to book appointment in advance~~ I can promise you we definitely offers the most competitive price, and awesome quality
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