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Originally Posted by TheMadChigga View Post
Go for it if its option to the tits and price is right, to last up to 300k, obviously the guys has been maintain it like a nazi and if you just follow the schedule, it'll last another 300k.
Off the top of his head since he didn't have the paperwork in front of him:

- oil separator replaced last spring (seems like a big nightmare job $$$ if you aren't DIY'ing it)
- valve cover gaskets replaced last spring
- cooling system pump in the last 12 months
- radiator replaced 3 years ago
- transmission fluid 24 months ago
- windshield replaced 18 months ago from a stone chip

Would like to get a look at his file, but looks like it's worth a visit to check out. Didn't say much about any suspension work, I'll assume there are a few rattles here and there, I am also going to ask about the rear subframe bushings.

As a requirement for safety the left front control arm was replaced and discs/pads on the front replaced.

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