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Originally Posted by Dado 540 View Post
Engine is bullet proof and will take you well over 500K

However...everythign else on the car will break.

Outside door handles break off - no
Inside door handles break off - no
window regulators fail $$$ - no
cooling system fails - YES - installed zionsville rad. problem solved.
auxilary water pump fails - YES
valey pan gasket fails $$$ - no
valve cover gaskets - YES
cup holders break - Don't have any.
pixels dont work properly on the odometer - no
trunk rusts - Minor
hood rusts - no
front door rust - YES
power steering leaks - YES
rear main seal leaks $$$ - no
abs module failure $$$ - no
speed sensors - no
ignition switch - no
drive shaft hanger bearing - no
headlight adjusters - no
Crank Case Valve (CCV) - no
air bad sensor in the seat cracks $$$ - no
etc.. i could go on and on

stay away from E39 if you want my advice. Cars are too old and are prone for failures
you will dump alot of money into it and resale value is garbage.
Originally Posted by carjoe View Post
and true...

Add to the list:
alternator changed (water cooled=mucho $) - YES
my car had one of the cats blow open
auto tranny was shifting VERY hard into 4th
Find an E34 540. They're much more reliable than the E39 540 and the 6spd swap on them is doable. I got 330Km on car - 255Km on alusil motor. Doesn't burn oil and runs like a champ.
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