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Clint Eastwood
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The Epic Unbuild of Clint Eastwood


Well shut up, you don't know anything!

I got this pile 0 awesome about October 2010. My stipulations for a car were RWD, cool looking, cheap on insurance and customizable.

So that put E30s, 240SXs, Miatas, AE86s and SC400s in my radar.

Eventually I got this. Clint Eastwood. White on the outside, black and leathery on the inside.

I drove it stock for a while. Then I wanted to address some of the issues that it had. Like some body rust. And the diving boards. And the ride height.

I was ****ing around with a new camera and took this neat-o photo.

From there it went downhill. One afternoon, the release bearing went. The car was fairly un-drivable. No, it was fully undrivable. It was undrivable.

The guy who I bought it from offered to fix it for me, if I could get him parts and get the car down to him.

When I got it back, 4.5 months later...there were so many issues with the car it wasn't funny. The huge clutch kit I got wasn't even opened. Only the release bearing was replaced...

The centre support bearing was welded in, there were broken bolts, the exhaust was welded on, with holes on the top of the downpipe. Even the starter was shimmed weird and made a horrible racket.

Summer, I set in repairing all the stuff I could, but from here it was downhill.

Such as blowing a tire at 130 on the 417...

I re-did the clutch job, properly. I de-diving boarded the car. I tried to deal with the exhaust. (nope)

At this point, I decided I wanted to get a nicer E30. I've saved up some cash, so I bought this.

When I say I saved up, I mean I took $300 out of my savings for a quite clean, running, missing a fender (its on Clint), 325e. And it had good condition Oxblood M3 interior. (yes, bucket rear seats.)
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