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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
I hate to say it, but the list is pretty dead on...even missing a few things! Many of them are bad design, and maintaining it has nothing to do with it! (how do you take care of your cluster pixels so they dont burn out? or keep your 528i springs from snapping!?) The E34 was FAR more reliable, and the E32 is just a tank in comparison...Too bad they are all so outdated.
Come on it's common knowledge that newer cars are always better.

e32 outdated? Really? I think they have some nice features that still put some peice of crap korean and japanese cars to shame. But no... they don't have ipod docks or usb charge ports, or brakes that help you brake, or steering that helps you steer, or kevlar sticker wrapped dash trim.

Performance one step at a time.
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