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Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro View Post
LOL beautiful trolololo. isn't you iimmediately hopping into a different subject: insulting me, slightly hypocritical? why yes, yes it is.
When did I change subjects? You did a 360, switched from Aboriginals to fighter's and claim I'm bouncing around? You haven't taken your meds today...have you?

Hahaha - yeah like every Treaty thats been broken, all of em: yeah that was a previous gov, so you free loaders that we conducted genocide against, over many gov's, can go starve - freeloaders. meanwhile how many missles would you like on those way over $30BILLION in jets to go blow up innocent kids in foreign countries to jack their resources?
I'm not saying they're not deserving of some financial support, I am saying however they're not entitled to a free ride for eternity, especially when they choose to remove themselves so far from reality of the world they live in. There comes a time when a debt is paid, and that time has come and passed. I'm not going to sit back and keep my mouth shut as my tax dollars are going to someone who has not even directly suffered under a residential school, but are suffering by their choice to not accept responsibility for their own life.

They'll want handouts for eternity if we allow it, it's unacceptable that the kin of past generations are still paying/profiting off this. A huge number of aboriginal groups piss away what they're given to better their lives, should we continue throwing this money away to those who are not willing to make the effort to better themselves with handouts simply out of guilt? I spent my entire youth around native communities and can say some of my best friends are aboriginal, they too are disgusted by the way some of their people expect so much but do so little.

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