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Originally Posted by calegrant View Post
I like how quickly you spin onto another topic just to prove how vast your list of bookmarked pages is. You are so outside the realm of knowledge when it comes to the purchase of those jets, what they're replacing and why they're necessary that I'm not going anywhere with you on that subject. Pick a topic and stick with it, at least South can form a solid argument and doesn't have to link to video's and news stories to fight his case. Maybe if you were capable of doing the same I'd give you a tidbit of respect.

LOL beautiful trolololo. isn't you iimmediately hopping into a different subject: insulting me, slightly hypocritical? why yes, yes it is.

Prior atrocities perpetrated by a past government do not mean all future generations of Aboriginals should receive compensation, there comes a time when one must say enough has been paid back in terms of finances. They expect a free ride because of pain and suffering they themselves have never had to endure beyond what they've inflicted upon themselves or what they've mentally put themselves through. I had relatives who died as civilians during WW2 at the hands of a tyrant the world has not seen in half a century, should I be entitled to a life in which I can sit in my house paid for by the government of the nation which carried out those acts? Of course not, nor should every Aboriginal person.
Hahaha - yeah like every Treaty thats been broken, all of em: yeah that was a previous gov, so you free loaders that we conducted genocide against, over many gov's, can go starve - freeloaders. meanwhile how many missles would you like on those way over $30BILLION in jets to go blow up innocent kids in foreign countries to jack their resources?

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