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grey 5-series hit in parkinglot at Centennial

Just a heads up maybe the owner is on here or you know someone that goes to the school. An idiot in my class decided he wanted to do burnouts/donuts in the tight parking lot. (warden/eglinton campus) He ended up hitting a 5-series, looks to be 2003-2004ish. Hit the bmw on the passenger side front quarter panel which pushed it into the door. Doesnt seem to be upset at the fact he hit someone else being an idiot; he was laughing about it. The incident was reported to campus security.

Posting this up as i doubt the owner of the bmw saw the damage. The car was parked such that the drivers door was facing the school exit/entrance so more than likely the owner just walked towards the driver door and got in and left. If someone hit my car i'd want to know too.

to recap car details: bmw 5 series parked in the back corner of the lot. Silver colour. black leather interior, wish i got the plate.
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