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Hey Sickbimmer,

I've been working as a IT developer for years and have also helped run a computer store for my friend fixing all types of computers.

Stay away from: HP(conpaq), Dell, <<-high repairs
Toshiba was great years ago, but they changed their strategy to go for high volume sales and they stink now.

Consider: Gateway(same as Acer, Emachinces) << best bang for your dollars and are good for all needs of a high school kids. Maybe not for hard core gamers but can work.

Lenovo(old IBM): These are rock solid but are not flashy. May not work for a high school.

something good under $400 will be hard to get and might have to be a HP.

Consider these one

Or this site for Lenovo Friends and Familys.

Password: IBMEPP (all CAPS)
Look for Ideapad.
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