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Originally Posted by Yamahammer View Post
"Canadian winters" s an out of date term because we have what? maybe 5 days each winter now that you may need snow tires for. So we just drive our shitty winter tires on dry pavement for half a year, then get charged by Dalton mcquinty to have them disposed of, or they get thrown in the landfill which is real nice
+1 to that

I share your sentiments. You can drive a superbike on racing slicks in the winter if you want to (I drove my M5 on bald ZR track tires, a few times through bad Waterloo snowstorms). You just have to drive in accordance to the conditions and your car's abilities. Winter crashes don't happen because people didn't have the few meters of extra stopping power but because they drive like assholes (in the dry, wet and snow). The only difference is that when the unexpected happens, their 2 car length following of the cars in front while doing their makeup and texting, in the dry gave them a small chance to avoid it (as demonstrated by daily traffic jams due to "accidents") but in the snow, it means they're invariably going to participate in what happens next.

And like you said, there are maybe a few serious snow days in the GTA tops, and for all but the worst kind, the major roads are clear shortly after. Just drive carefully or worst case you can take a day off.

I'm not against winter tires per se, I'd encourage anyone to get them. But I disagree that people HAVE TO get them living in Toronto. We're not in the tundra with unpaved, unplowed roads.
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