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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
Stupidest post i have seen in some time...If you drive on Walmart all seasons in a Canadian winter, you should not drive a BMW. Who gives a sh#t?, maybe the people you will crash into, and possibly kill. Winters dont make you go faster (before you crash), but do stop better so might not have to!!!
Thanks for the insult. I may be blunt and slightly out of line in stating my opinion but that is my prerogative. "Canadian winters" s an out of date term because we have what? maybe 5 days each winter now that you may need snow tires for. So we just drive our shitty winter tires on dry pavement for half a year, then get charged by Dalton mcquinty to have them disposed of, or they get thrown in the landfill which is real nice

All I was saying is that you can easily make it through a "canadian winter" without having to spend money on winter tires.

So I apologize if offended you with my stupid comment, I am glad you set me straight
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