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Originally Posted by 1bmw1 View Post
Yup, if the car is pulling to the right, then it's an issue with the left caliper or the hose. First thing i would do is check and see that everything is in place such as sliders and pads, and that everything is bolted on properly. Since you are hearing a clicking noise and then it fixes temporarly on it's own, then it might be yours pads are not on properly.

If everything seems like it's properly installed, and you don't see anything funny, then i would try and bleed the caliper on that side. Since it's pulling to the right then this suggests that your left caliper isn't engaging. After this doesn't fix it, then it might be time for a new caliper or a rebuild kit.
That's exactly what I'm going to be doing haha. I've already checked everything in that area and nothing seems out of place. I'm thinking it could very likely be that there's air in the system which would describe the clicking noise. As I'm pushing down on the brake pedal the air is being compressed until it reaches a certain pressure, at that point the caliper releases and engages. That sudden release of the caliper is what I think is causing the clicking feeling I'm getting in the pedal.

Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
Other then your brakes, your suspention/steering components CAN and will cause pulling under braking. IF you have too much play in a ball joint or a bushing, during hard stops it will change the geometry of the suspention (or alignment) and the car will not go straight. From what i can remember, even rear control arm bushings will cause it. Do all your check before, even tire pressure can affect things

I kinda ruled out the suspension/ steering components as it only happens under light braking. If it was suspension related I think it would get progressively worse the harder you brake, whereas with my car, it only pulls to one side under light braking but sort of fixes itself when braking moderately hard. I've checked all the wheels for any sort of play and they all seem to be fine so I think this is strictly a brake issue.
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