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So since I've got all winter, I figure might as well go all out on the brakes.

I had an old set of Ate E30 calipers kicking around that I had always wanted to put on the old Red E30 for whatever unknown reason, just never had a chance... until now where it will find an equally good home on the 2002. These are a bit different of a design than the usual Girling calipers the E30 usually uses. More closer to the rears I guess. If anything to justify the extra work, I like that the caliper manufacturers stay the same, and I have an excuse to put an Ate sticker on the car so it looks legit

Fronts got a bit seized from sitting around. So I'll need new pistons for these guys. I shot the brackets in the blaster because they were a bit crusty. They look nice now!

Rears were mint. Came apart no problem. Chucked 'em all in the bucket and off to plating! I can afford the downtime since it will be months before the car will turn a wheel on track. Down the road I will get some solid caliper bushings put in, but for now, stock will suffice.

Camber plates are done. Just need to go and buy a pair of bearings to pop in, and they can be installed. I'll get pics of those soon.

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