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Originally Posted by noid View Post
My prof's said this stuff? You must be kidding me. Since when is economics a 'soft' degree? Last I checked, we are taught to think for ourselves, logically.

I WILL agree that if you take a social sciences you can get feed bias crap. Been there heard that.

am I am accused of a know it all arrogant university brat, check this guy out person who says I am ! lol.

edit: thining logically inside a box is still inside a box. Me included, but getting history wrong is just wrong nothing about logic there buddy. Mathematical derivatives say its good, history says this, you ignore history to preserve the math. Is that assesment logical? I try to understand the theory, the applications, why its not working and adjust my view accordingly....that Tim Minchin video point that entertainingly well. watch this one PLZ

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