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Originally Posted by noid View Post
You can believe in whatever you want. Don't give me any of that red scare crap, as if it is acceptable to talk about fascism (farthest right). Communism is very different from socialism.

You really think you can control hedge funds with assets in excess of 500+ billion dollars each?

Do you even know why the United States was so successful post WW2? Read Memo PPS23.
ok you are definitely tazering me with a trolololol gun!

obviously you did not get the sarcasm behind the character assassination of being called a communist. Why is the US so successful post WW2? I havnt read that document but I know the Grand Area Doctrine, the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral commision and their Bretton words that bang on? did you ignore the major moral problems associated with that? "on a macro level" you so presume we don't.

Do we even know why the US was successful post ww2, man you funny!

seems I am forgetting something, hmm, right the MIC and the 8 civilizations and the above mentioned groups and institutions and how precedent shown by Noam Chomsky and others have been determined to university.
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