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Originally Posted by South View Post
"Why is it so important to shrink the gap?"

let us reflect for a moment on this question

Oh yeah right, the video outlined the reasons it for.............for the thousandth time. WOW like i havnt talked macro at all in other of my posts ever! DONT TROLOLOL ME BRO!

hey dickface I am also a 3rd year economic student with a double major in psci but I don't take face value information, so in my textbook the "common misconceptions" section is based on crap, promotes the corporate libertarian system that we have had the past 70 years. BTW no one cares who anyone is on these posts, you can be president of the united states and I wouldn't care, only your arguments.

as for the conservative government thing.....exactly my point about why not call him a "communist" instead of leftist for more taxes, because higher taxes has nothing to do with leftist or rightest. Hence the DONT TROLOLOL ME BRO. might be a perception held by you and maybe society in general but definition wise, MR. university theory, is no.

What want me to type of the sections and explain the fallacies and precedents that go contrary to it?

and a bigger pie doesn't mean everyone standard level of living goes up, it means it can be, and the losers compensated. RIGHT international economics 101, so you should know the O-H model, Ricardian model and factor proportions model. All state that the losers from expanding the economic pie can compensate the losers and still have a bit left over for rasing the standard. CAN, let me reiterate more carefully "CAN"
I love a passionate debate, but dont get all "TROLOLOLOL", it just decrements your arguments.

Your idea's of what are misconceptions, would imply a closed economy.

Past 70 years? I again say look into memo PPS23. As an economics student you will understand what the implications are for a country that has 50% of the worlds wealth while only having 6.3% of the world population post ww2.
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