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Originally Posted by noid View Post
I bet you think your comments make you sound cute. It's a natural defend mechanism when you cant defend your idea's.

Corporate manifesto? Since when was this only about corporations? Did I not say I do not support bailouts?

Its an ideology, classical liberalism, look into it.
What ideas should I defend? You just spouted a bunch of giberish from some prof of yours and think you're coming off smart, pretty sure you're a big Ayn Rand fan as well, everything you've said pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Nothing wrong with that, but if you an economics major cant see the issues and the bigger picture (which you seem to think you understand so well) then we are in alot more trouble.

Heres the real the issue. You, like every other university kid out there is under the impression that once you have that degree the job will be handed to you. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't. Regardless in a few years when you do graduate and maybe pursue a masters or whatever since simple degrees no longer count for shit any more then maybe you'll go get a job working for one of those so called corporations which you idolize.

Then maybe you can see what squeezing profits and being at the bottom of the rung means when you're making <35,000 a year and have a rent bill of $1000 and food costs sky rocketing and public transit in the gutters. Meanwhile the corporation you work for is making record profits, yet still they are stinging on your meager 3K bonus..

Just saying is all. and ya Econ / Poli sci degree, good luck when you go up against the big shots.

But hey what do I know... Actually I dont know.. Infact I dont really care I make alot of money and have a wealthy family so please do me a favour and keep voting in those conservatives and profiteering ideologies because at the end of the day I AM BENEFITING the most.
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