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Originally Posted by noid View Post
I did not call him a communist, you should also know there is a difference between communism, socialism, classic liberalism, and modern liberalism.

I agree with you that we are losing low wage jobs to places like China, however we are accelerating high paying jobs (read: middle class) jobs into Canada. This is because when a company grows its foreign direct investment also grows, those subsidiary jobs are then sent to the base country (Canada).

I bet you would support bailouts also wouldn't you? Look into the Austrian school of economics. If the government supports inefficient firms, the government is just supporting a backlog of inefficiencies that will fail like a daisy chain and create a recession.

Do you really think large companies would just take it from governments, even if they were so ignorant to try? Best case scenario is they move their operations (and jobs) and recess into a save haven, while maintaining 'satellite' operations in that country. Worse case scenario is they restrict foreign investment, have allot of major companies (with assets in the trillions) move out to places like Bermuda, and have a recession as a punishment.
DON"T troloololoool ME BRO!

Why is being called a leftist a negative thing? and according to you, if it hasn't dawned on you, is that leftist are all idiots for wanting higher taxes. Hence why you should just character assassinate him and call him a communist rather than a leftist. Common expression in media to discredit someone, appealing to cold war red scare mentalities. DONT trolololl ME BRO!

What is middle class without tens if not hundreds of thousands in student debt! bailout? **** that I would nationalize the giant industries like oil, like Chavez did in Venezuela and eliminated extreme poverty and a lot of poverty since then. So you saying the "smartest people in the room" ( enron reference ftw) which were created by the financial system are good corporations? lols like AIG and the all the wallstreet corporations? according to you they should be thrown out? maybe one of the things the OWS are protesting against? financial institutions?

side note earnestly I would like to know what sources if there is a increase in relative higher middle class jobs.

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