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Originally Posted by noid View Post
Typical left wing thinking. Supporting public sector services increases taxes, with increased taxes disposable income decreases; this decreases money spent on businesses. If these businesses are selling less, then they can not employ as many people. These people start depending on these social services even more, requiring even more tax dollars, which then creates a vicious cycle of fewer jobs and higher taxes.

Typical character assassinations. Just call him a communist and be done with it lol!

Business's when they earn more profit does not mean that workers all earn more. Pretty fatal flaw huh! Businesses, set again by precedent, do constantly fire people to make a bigger bottom line and just hire people in other countries. Outsourcing ftw? Now if the traditional sense of socialism, where workers own the factors of production, then when businesses make more then the workers benefit. Something Sweden and the US started to have before WW2! your logic is flawed, because taxes are used to provide services that companies would instead. Who says a company does it better than the government? look at our bloody insurance rates across provinces, which ones that are private are across the board cheaper than national ones! what company does not lobby for regulations that create it more profit at the COST of us and the benefit of themselves. Remember socialism and left wing whatever is your narrowed definition does not mean higher taxes neither does your logic hold up due to Sweden and other NORDIC countries have, because they are very successful, again did you watch that video?

Less taxes and corporate power really has been so good these past 70 years too ey!

Typical idiot. trololol.

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