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Originally Posted by noid View Post

Reality check

Some people ITT need to check the GINI index, doing so will make you realize Canada is achieving 32.1/100 in inequality, meaning Canada's distribution of wealth is very good, and we are relatively equal, placing 35th out of 140 countries. The reality is that they do not represent the 99% nor anywhere nearly close to it.
Are you a capitalist or a worker? do you sell your labor or own factors of production. OWS referencing marx's base and superstructure. Did you even watch that insightful TED video? we can have more equality where a ceo of a bank does not earn 30x more than the bank teller in just bonuses. Also do you understand that 50 on the Gini index means 50 percent have something and 50 percent do not, also do you not realize that countries like Sweden and Bulgaria are beating us? I am sorry if this giant ass country (canada) with its tiny population (33 million) and all its resources (diamonds, minerals, metals, industries, oils, timber, fish, IT etc etc) cannot beat those countries then no one should be satisfied.
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