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ok time for an update
Picked up a shell finally after a long summer of looking! the car was hit on the passenger side but left no structural damage. The link to the car is here,
I met a guy who imported this shell and never did anything with it but punch out the rear fender and take the door and front fender off. Fortunatly this car has only 1 major rust spot behing the front passenger wheel where it was hit which i think is why is rusting

i have so far purchased front and rear m3 evo2 bumpers, Evo3 rear spoiler, fender, luck had it that i had a door and hood in stock, front rebar, new front grill, passenger side skirt, and a new diff.

Parts im using from my car include motor, tranny, driveshaft, front seats (e36), door cards, strut and sway bars,

parts still to come include e36 m3 subframe, GC coils, style 5 wheels, motor mounts and various interior parts

Im debating weather to acid dip the whole thing which is 3000 to ship it, have it done and ship it back, or to have it hand sanded which will cost much less.
My concern with the dip is not getting it all off before paint.

Ill keep updating as i go


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