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Originally Posted by South View Post
differing view I have sure, yet you keep insisting YOU know what is really happening. then again you accuse me of holier than thou mentality.

oh man you are amusing....btw thx for addressing anything I pointed out in the fallacy of your "view".....but yeah its ok, ignore and attack. LOL

no wonder so many students are apathetic to being engaged, too many people like you in this world.
....I clearly showed my logic behind MY view in my response, and the fallacies in yours. Yet you quote all that and say nothing, just attack me. LOLs. Who are trying to fool here?
Please show me where I claim to possess more knowledge than you on the situation? My entire post was merely an opinion of who the protesters are, OPINION. You then go on a rant about how ignorant I am, and then with this latest post claim I'm the arrogant one? All of your counter points were either started or finished with an attempt at insult, yet you expect me to actually make the effort to respond to your individual points? You're a smart guy with valid points I'll give you that, even though many of them contradict my own. When you're able to reply to someone's post (which wasn't directed at you) without trying to belittle them maybe I'll take you seriously, till then you're just proving my suspicions of you being the oh-so-typical arrogant university brat.
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