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Originally Posted by South View Post
no shit its illegal, its a sit in, by definition its yeah if mace doesn't work then what? rubber bullets? guns? tanks?..........not to mention, not sure in this case, but in zucatti park they made new laws to get rid of the protestors such as "illegal to lie down in a park".........
Sit in's are legal as long as the protestors stay peaceful.

This isn't the 60's, there was a lot more going on then. If mace doesn't work, probably batons, and then mace bullets, then rubber bullets, then water cannons. By that time, the protestors will not have figured out that they should get out of there before major shit goes down. They protestors will get unruly, and violent, and destroy things, then the cops will use other means to control the situation. CS gas will then be used, then bangs and so on.

Basically what I was trying to say a couple posts ago, is that the use of mace is the next evolution after physically moving someone by hand.

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