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Originally Posted by craigIS View Post
I'm a little tired of you being stupid about everything! You said yourself that the main issue is the original vid, so why do you go to another vid just to suit yourself?

I never said a sit in was illegal! Effing READ! No this doesn't break the law. re-read my post, go look up some laws. Police and security are allowed to use as much force as is necessary to; in this case, remove the protestors. If the officers can't pick them up, and drag them, the next step is to use mace.

PLEASE READ THIS: It is ILLEGAL to camp on the campus ground over night. The students were doing that. When officers came to make sure the students left before night fall, the protestors did a sit in, instead of complying. By staying there, they were still doing something illegal, not leaving for the night. The officers now can remove them. Like I said before, you can't pick up or drag 20 people, I'm sure it was tired, so the next thing to do is use mace, instead of clubbing someones face in, or shooting them.
no shit its illegal, its a sit in, by definition its yeah if mace doesn't work then what? rubber bullets? guns? tanks?..........not to mention, not sure in this case, but in zucatti park they made new laws to get rid of the protestors such as "illegal to lie down in a park".........
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