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Originally Posted by hellrot_M3 View Post
Thanks for your help chigga but if i find out i need an aux fan i am going to do a full cooling system overhaul will all zionsville parts including the aluminum radiator aand aluminum expansion tank. Plus will delete engine clutch fan an put in an electric one.

We will see what happens

Some may say its well worth it, but some people still think its ridiculous to spend $1200 on radiator that does not eliminate the problem completely, do a search, some people STILL blew up the zionville, the problem is not the radiator but the way our engine cools, with the engine being all alloy, the temp the engine operate at is fairly high for all alloy to maximize fuel efficiency/smog, so BMW use electronic thermostat that creates quite bit of pressure in the system.

Some people have converted to E38 Middle East spec thermostat, I believe it opens at 89 degrees, and run $100 SBC radiator from Jeg with electric fan with no issue at all, look it up, Zionville is great, but the price is seriously crazy.
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