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buying a new BMW, help!

Hey, guys! I'm really new to this site but I'm thinking of purchasing an E92 328xi. There is one i'm looking at in specific. Very nice car, 88k, nav, white on black it looks great! The only problem is that it is an accident repaired car... That worries me a lot. The dealer selling it told me i have nothing to worry about as there was no frame damage, and only the bumper, hood and fenders were damaged and that everything was replaced by BMW parts. The car is 19,500 right now. Anyone have any suggestions on whether this is a good car or not? Also, he gladly offered the suggestion of getting the car inspected by an authorized BMW dealer. Does anyone have any experience with inspections of this sort? How much it would cost, how long would it take and if any and all problems would be noticed and stated? This is not only my first BMW, but also my first car, so it's kind of worrying me with being accident repaired. Come on guys, give me some good news! Thanks
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