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I bought my current BMW out of warranty and called the local dealers to find out the history but they refused to give it over the phone. I absolutely knew that the previous owner (1 owner car before me) didnt do a single thing on this car but just wanted to do it for the fact. I was asked to come down in person with ownership(to prove that I own the car) to Town & Country and they gave me all the records that they had. The car was originally purchased there and they had about3-4 service records. It was some minor crap, oil service and some trim stuff, basically nothing that was even worth my time to go there. They said that the car was serviced at Budds BMW Hamilton after and Id have to get the rest of the records from them.

I called Budds and I get same story, they want me to come down there and show prove of ownership, Its too far of a drive for me so I never bothered. Plus I've changed almost every single part on this car by now so I dont really care about previous maintenance.
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