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What colour?? judge other peoples bays!

So -- now im stuck on what colour to go with. I have three major choices on the table. All the pictures I tried to get with my body colour.

Firstly, colour matched:

Always clean, OEM look. But i've been playing with other colours too!

Darker grey / gunmetal. Super nice looking as well, but not the greatest pictures

And then theres white. A lot of people have been recommending white because its super bright all around the bay, easy to see problems/leaks, and once I found these pictures its been growing on me!

I know the b32 isn't going to be me, but beautiful pic

Open to other suggestions too, I was thinking a dark brown/bronze but couldn't find any pictures.

I'm also a bit worried about how cold its going to be when im painting. Ive heard you can get runs easier because the paints not drying as fast, so I think im going to go with a thicker epoxy style paint and do really thin coats. Also gotta decide on rattle can vs. borrowing a spray gun (mines crap)

Will be up with the car tomorrow and saturday, try to get those dips welded up. We also welded the subframe reinforcements, the bottom motor mount ones are really weird shaped, I think we'll have to use another one to fill in the gap. Will get pix once theyre all done

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