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Alright, alright, I'm painting the bay

So I stripped down the front end today

Cut and grinded down some unneeded brackets. Some didn't turn out as nicely as this as it was my first time trying any bodywork out -- think they are a bit too deep for bondo so I'll have to see about filling it up with a weld using copper backing (?) will look into it

Question for someone with more e30 experience! Ive read that the seams can be dangerous to mess around with -- mine look like this:

Should I be worried? The other ones I have seen are more weld-shaped if that makes any sense

Still haven't quite decided on a colour for the bay yet either! On the table are: body matched, white, darker grey / charcoal, brown/bronze. Going to get some colour chits and weigh my options -- Also have to look into different types of paint theres way too many lol

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