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My car(s) :)

My first car i had was a 2000 323ci which i bought couple years ago, and just said good bye to that in april of 2010. That was my first car and i spent a lot of my time on it, i did a lot of m3 upgrades to it from full m3 napa black interior to the whole exhaust system. But i felt it wasnt right for me, SOMTHING WAS MISSING, the POWER:shiftdriv
Here are pix of my 323ci

Then i found a 2003 m3 wit smg tranny and i sold my 323ci ASAP. I have changed the colour on it and now its a INTERLAGOS BLUE

The car came with black seats, but after around 3 months i swaped them with some Cinnamons :thumbsup2:

ZCP parts include the front brakes (never bothered with the backs as they are the same as the stock size), the colour, rims (sold after a year), suspension, steering wheel & rack(sold, didnt need it as i dont track my car), and the computer.

My car is still stock except for angel eyes, HID fogs, and matte blacks parts.
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