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Coders: DESI4Life10 and DimSum

$40 per non-coded car or car coded by Desi or DimSum.
$60 per coded car not done by Desi or DimSum (prior list of codes needed).

Note: In the rare case that the part isn't pre-programmed from BMW there will be an additional $10 on top to program the modules. Unfortunately this isn't something Mike would be able to check either. While it is rare, it has happened and so we wanted to lay it out there so no surprises.

- those with ECU tunes (ex. AA) will NOT be affected
- there will be a WAIVER that needs to be signed
- a backup of the system BEFORE any coding will be done
- the way that the alarm is coded will allow it to remain fully functional even if the software gets updated in the future at a dealer

GB Special Rate for Additional Coding

Pricing: $25 / feature (min of 2) or $100 for 5 features.

- This rate is for all the basic codes found at PLUS the following special codes:

Enable Angel Eyes as Day-Time-Running Lights (2008+, some 2007s might be possible but a VIN check is needed)
Enable Actual Speed (Digital)
Reading Correction (Digital)
Disable Light Bulb Error Checks (Angel Eyes, Licence Plates, etc.)
Clear ECU Fault/Shadow Codes
Custom Programming of Welcome Light Choices (Late 2007 & 2008+)

If there are other codes you're aware of that aren't listed please PM me and I'll run it by the coders.
- DimSum can help get MTEC v3 AE bulbs so PM me if you'll be looking for those as well and I can tally up and let him know.
- If your car ever gets re-flashed and you need all the features you got as part of this GB re-done it will just cost $20 to have them all re-coded.

The details will need to be worked out once everyone has their kit installed or at least picked up their kit. The most practical way of doing this will likely be a meet somewhere so that all the coding can take place. We may have to split the group depending how many people follow through with the group buy as each car can take 15-45 mins depending what needs to be done and days are getting colder. The cars will also be split between the two coders. Rest assured both are very capable and there will be no difference in
their work. I'm taking suggestions on possible meetings places so that I can start planning ahead a bit. Ideally it'd be close to a Tims or somewhere that people can chill / get hot drinks if needed.

Final Comments
- Some may feel the price is a little steep but I believe in fair compensation for time and knowledge when it comes to this stuff. The way I see it, it will still be a lot more economical then at a dealer. Both coders are well respected, trusted, experienced, and has done this retrofit coding many times before. There are also a lot of cars to go through which will require a lot of their time.

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