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335i question for the experts!

Hey guys, I've been scowering this and the U.S. site for education on this car and would like some further help as I'l hopefully be purchasing soon.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with buying a used BMW from a small shop and then getting it CPO'd. Is this possible? Has anyone had trouble with this before and what kind of costs would I be looking at?

I'm looking to get a 2008-2010 335i w\ MSport package and Navi w\ 19" wheels. As you all know they don't go less then $45k here in Ontario and finding one with MSport im sure is rare as hell. So far I've seen most with regular sport package.

Soooo, I figured I could get away with buying one from a small shop and paying $35k and then getting CPO'd if possible? Whats the verdict on this?
Anyone know any reputable shops that aren't big BMW dealers?

Thanks in advance
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