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opp employee jailed for kiddie porn at opp headquarters

orillia, ont. - a man who pleaded guilty to looking at child porn while working at the opp headquarters building in orillia was sentenced wednesday to nine months in prison.

Richard cook, 52, was convicted of accessing and possessing child pornography. Bypassing security, he used his work computer to view and download images.

employed by the ministry of community safety and correctional services for 24 years, the penetanguishene, ont., man had been working in fleet and supply services at the time of his may 2010 arrest, a post he no longer holds.

In court wednesday — 18 months after his arrest — cook was sentenced to nine months jail time, three years probation under a long list of stringent conditions, a firearms order, a dna order and is required to register as a sex offender.

When released, cook will not be allowed to be in the presence of people under 16 years of age, go to a public park, swimming area, schoolyard, daycare or volunteer where they may be present. He is also not allowed to access the internet, except for purposes of employment.

Last month, crown attorney david russell asked the court for a one-month adjournment to follow up on an “actuarial risk assessment.” the mental health centre in penetanguishene had previously prepared a report, but russell said he was looking for more thorough analysis.

Court heard wednesday that the followup assessment stated cook met the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia based on “the effort mr. Cook made to obtain child pornographic material.”

between march and may of 2010, police monitored cook’s computer use at work and found he was blocked more than 2,000 times from accessing inappropriate websites. He was tracked to at least eight different pornographic sites.

after he was arrested, nine diskettes were found in the trunk of his car, four of which contained 62 graphic images of prepubescent males and females between the ages of two and 13, most of which focused on their genitals although some saw them engaged in sexual contact.

Of the images, 71.4% were identified as child pornography

forty-seven additional images were found on his computer.

Russell told the court in august police also found videos downloaded from the internet.

Cook’s lawyer, bernard cugelman, argued the accused was under a lot of stress both at work and at home, potentially causing him to act out.

The pre-sentence report said cook’s actions at work could be considered “career suicide.”

he knew his work computer was being monitored, cugelman said, adding it was a “self destructive act.” cook was seven years away from retiring with a pension.

judge george beattie said the fact cook entered a guilty plea indicated “some degree of remorse.”

cook is a first-time offender, for which the minimum punishment is 45 days in jail.

two married ontario cops facing charges resign

sudbury, ont. — two police officers facing a battery of misconduct charges resigned this week following a week of testimony at their disciplinary hearing.

david treitz, who had achieved the rank of staff sergent, was facing 10 charges of discredible conduct, two charges of corrupt practice and one charge each of insubordination and neglect of duty, all under the ontario police services act.

Shelley roy, a constable, was facing 11 counts of misconduct.

treitz and roy are married.

the charges against both were laid in june, but at a hearing held over the past two weeks, two more charges were read into the record against each, greater sudbury police chief frank elsner said.

Following that, "there was a mutual resolution, and as part of that, they have tendered their resignations," elsner said.

among the discreditable conduct charges were a number of allegations treitz "engaged in oppressive or tyrannical conduct toward" officers of an inferior rank, the tribunal heard in june. He was accused of withholding or suppressing complaints made against another member of the police service on two occasions.

he was also accused of using the police records system for his own purposes. it's alleged that one of those queries was for information about an ontario provincial police investigation into his own conduct.

The charges are for alleged acts that took place between march 2007 and january 2010.

Roy was charged with seven counts of discreditable conduct, two counts of insubordination and one count each of corrupt practice and neglect of duty.

Treitz was suspended on jan. 25, 2010. Roy was suspended feb. 16, 2010. Both were suspended with pay.

having resigned from the police service, the two officers are no longer subject to the ontario police services act, so the charges are effectively dropped, elsner said.
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