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lol ive been looking at bikes quite awhile now.. 3 of my close buddies all got bikes last season and ive tried the gsxr , R6 , and cbr ( all 600cc) and gsxr was the most comfortable for my riding style , ive tried all 3 of the bikes for around 30mins~ an hour ish. highway and side streets.

gsxr came out on top of the three bikes , because the riding position was the most comfortable and just fit right lol

R6 seat was too wide and i was tippy toeing quite a lot

and cbr was nice and tight but it gave me kind of a 'up right ' riding position which i didnt like.

and i didnt care that R6 had few more hp then the gsxr because ... im pretty new to riding and they all seem really fast to me LOL

plus my grandpa used to ride one of those suzuki sports/ street bike in the early 90s lol he'll be happy to hear im getting a suzuki bike haha

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