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Wiring woes

So kinda pissed -- got an obd 1 harness, goin through labeling the connectors and I find this

Cut connector (VANOS? I believe it's red/wht and grn/blu the obd1 says cam actuator and the obd2 diagram says VANOS)

Random plug with one wire? No idea what this is, brn/grn

Going to get another harness I guess, I suck at wiring not sure if I want to try to put another connector on this one

There's also plugs I can't find on the diagram and vice versa -- I knew the electrical would suck but jeeeeez

Edit: example I can't for the life of me find any 4 prong plugs that would fit an hfm, all the diagrams say it is 4 wire connector?

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